Tribot Fighter

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  • Tribot Fighter


    Our hero is the last of his kind. He is lost in a distant world and knows the only way home is to fight what is within him. It is your duty to progress through action-packed levels and reach the top of the tower where the Final Boss awaits you. Transform into 3 different robots as you play! Unlock 18 special abilities that will help you in your quest! There are 16 achievements to be completed, go get them! This game is hard. It's meant to be hard. You must become a true warrior and learn the way of the Tribot in order to beat it. Examine and master the new abilities that you learn as you progress. By collecting achievements you gain more lives when you start the game. There is also a Tribopedia section which explains important aspects of the game in more detail. Now, go and fight, Tribot!

  • Instructions:

    Arrow keys - MovenTap twice LEFT or RIGHT - Runn------------------nA - JumpnS - Kick, Put down objectnD - Punch, Pick up object, Throw objectnQ - Change to Robot1nW - Change to Robot2nE - Change to Robot 3n------------------nX - pause/resume game/train new abilitiesnM- music on/offnRight click - choose quality

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