Mr. Schwul's Shoot 'em Up

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Mr. Schwul's Shoot 'em Up

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Mr. Schwul's Shoot 'em Up


Mr. Schwul’s Shoot ’em Up, is a 2D Platform-Shooter. You are Mr. Schwul, a gay guy from Planet Anus, landed on earth to kill every female creature. It’s your mission to free all men from the violent, evil woman. Be a truly gay Hero!

You can play two Gamemodes. The Wavemode: here You have to survive infinite waves, the enemies will get stronger each wave.
The Infinitemode: here You have to survive as long as You can, the enemies will also get stronger from time to time.
Have FUN!

Note: There are no sounds yet and its not the finished game, but updates will come soon 🙂
And visit my IndieDB Site please:
If there are any bugs or other issues write them in the Comments please.
THANKS! 🙂 Move with arrows, jump with space. Shoot with mouse.

Mr. Schwul's Shoot 'em Up

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